Erin Wastewater Servicing Project

The Town of Erin is undertaking a project to build a wastewater treatment plant to the Village of Erin and Hillsburgh. Working with the Credit Valley Conservation authority (CVC) and the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) it was determined that a new system is the best path forward to keep the community thriving now, and for generations to come.
The new system will carry all wastewater flows to a single wastewater treatment plant. It will support the needs of the community by removing the reliance on the existing septic systems. After conducting various studies, including an Environmental Assessment (EA) and an Environmental Study Report (ESR), a series of recommendations and guidelines were identified to ensure we are protecting our water resources and that the project remains compliant with the MECP.

Interactive system map

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Hillsburgh Gravity Sewer
(Ongoing - Detour Route Available)

Elora-Cataract Gravity Sewer


Erin Village Gravity Sewer


Erin Village Sewage Pumping Station

(Not Started)

Erin Village Twin Forcemains (Ongoing)

Water Resource Recovery Facility


Effluent Sewer



(Not Started)

Construction Schedule