Erin Village Gravity Sewer

Description of Work

The planned gravity sewer construction in Erin Village will occur along Main Street (Wellington Road 124) between the Elora Cataract Trail and Water Street to the proposed Sewage Pumping Station located in Lions’ Club Park. A trenchless pipe installation method will be employed for the installation of the gravity sewer.  Micro-tunneling will be the method used for the trenchless pipe installation.

Schedule of Work

Present – Fall 2024

Update or Potential Impacts

Starting on July 10th, construction of the sanitary gravity sewer construction along Main Street in Erin Village will commence. The construction work will extend along Main Street between the Elora-Cataract Trail and Dianne Road, and along Water Street from Main Street to Hillview Avenue. The sewer installation will utilize microtunneling, a trenchless pipe installation method. As part of this process, microtunneling shafts will be installed at specific locations along Main Street, as indicated on the map below.

Prior to shaft installation, utility relocations will be required at certain shaft locations to accommodate the sewer installation. This will involve relocating cables for telecommunications, street lighting, and traffic signals. Once the utility relocations are completed, the installation of the microtunneling shafts will proceed sequentially.

To ensure the safety of workers, road users, and residents, concrete barriers will be in place around each shaft location. Two-way traffic flow will be maintained on Main Street, and road jogs will be implemented as necessary to accommodate the shaft construction. Local businesses will be open during construction.

To facilitate microtunneling shaft installation on Lorne Street, Dundas Street E., and Water Street, road closures will be necessary during the construction period. Dundas Street E. and Water Street at Main Street are closed for shaft installation and will be followed by a road closure at Lorne Street, as identified in the map below.

Detour signage for the Dundas Street E. road closure detour route, as identified on the map, is currently in place.

Throughout the construction period, access to properties on the affected local roads will be available via Daniel Street and Hillview Avenue. All vehicular traffic must adhere to the posted speed limits on local roads. Access to local homes, businesses, and emergency services will be maintained at all times.

Work will take place from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. Work after hours or on weekends may be required during the course of construction.

Increased truck traffic, dirt on roads, dust and noise may be experienced due to the construction activities. The Town, along with the Contactor, will make every effort to minimize these impacts to the community.

The Town will not be responsible for damage to any privately owned items on Town or County property.

Construction Notices that have been issued can be accessed at: Project Updates | Town Of Erin

Images from Construction site