Hillsburgh Gravity Sewer

Description of work

The planned construction in Hillsburgh consists of the installation of a gravity sewer and watermain along Trafalgar Road between Upper Canada Drive/Church Street and the Elora Cataract Trail. Sewer and watermain installation work will include the extension of water and sewer services up to the property line for each property along the alignment. Road, curb and sidewalk re-construction will occur following watermain and sewer installation.

Schedule of Work

Present – Summer 2024

Update or Potential Impacts

Due to the open-cut construction method required for the installation of the gravity sewer and watermain, the construction area along Trafalgar Road between Upper Canada Drive/Church Street and the Elora Cataract Trail access point will be closed to through-traffic in sections during construction.

The active construction zone on Trafalgar Road shown in the map below will be closed to through-traffic daily 24/7. This closure is required for the installation of numerous water and sewer service connections that cross Trafalgar Road and will expedite the construction work in Hillsburgh.

Access to homes and businesses within the active construction zone, as well as emergency vehicles, will be maintained. Access to and from downtown Hillsburgh, outside of the active construction zone, will be accessible via the vehicular detour route (D-1) posted below. All vehicular traffic must adhere to the posted speed limits on local roads.

The Town will provide regular updates to inform local residents about the extent of the active construction zone and the affected area. The Town and Contractor will make every effort to minimize impacts to the community. Local businesses will remain open and accessible throughout the construction period.

Efforts will be made to manage traffic around the work area for the safety of workers, road users and residents. Road users should expect delays and increased traffic on Wellington Road 22, Eighth Line, Orangeville Street, Barker Street and Church Street.

Hillsburgh through-traffic along Trafalgar Road will be redirected to Eight Line via Wellington Road 22 and toward Trafalgar Road via Orangeville Street, Barker Street and Church Street (or vice versa) during the construction period. Detour routes will be clearly marked with traffic signs along the approach roads into Hillsburgh, which will be in place prior to the closure of Trafalgar Road. Detour routes for vehicular traffic are illustrated below.

Work will take place from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. Work after hours or on weekends may be required during the course of construction.

Increased truck traffic, dirt on roads, dust and noise may be experienced due to the construction activities. The Town, along with the Contactor, will make every effort to minimize these impacts to the community.

The Town will not be responsible for damage to any privately owned items on Town or County property.

Construction Notices that have been issued can be accessed at: Project Updates | Town Of Erin

Hillsburgh Gravity Sewer Vehicle Detour Route

Images from Construction site