Erin Village Twin Forcemain

Description of Work

Twin forcemains extending from the Sewage Pumping Station in Lions’ Club Park to the Erin Water Resource Recovery Facility will be installed along Water Street, Main Street (Wellington Road 124) and Wellington Road 52. Installation of the linear infrastructure will be completed via open-cut trench method along Wellington Road 52 until the creek crossing south of Wellington Road 124. The section between the Sewage Pumping Station and the creek crossing will be installed by trenchless methods. Micro-tunneling will be the method used for the trenchless pipe installation.

Schedule of Work

Present – Fall 2024

Update or Potential Impacts

Installation of the twin forcemains along Wellington Road 52 between the creek crossing and the Water Resource Recovery Facility southwest of Tenth Line is now complete. The remaining forcemain section will be installed via microtunneling, as indicated on the map below.


To ensure the safety of workers, road users, and residents, concrete barriers will be in place around each shaft location. Two-way traffic flow will be maintained on Main Street, and road jogs will be implemented where necessary to accommodate the shaft construction. 


Work will take place from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. Work after hours or on weekends may be required during the course of construction.


Increased truck traffic, dirt on roads, dust and noise may be experienced due to the construction activities. The Town, along with the Contactor, will make every effort to minimize these impacts to the community.


The Town will not be responsible for damage to any privately owned items on Town or County property.


Construction Notices that have been issued can be accessed at : Project Updates | Town Of Erin

Images from Construction site